August Semmendinger

Correct First Name

Common Misperceptions Regarding Semmendinger's First Name

Some on-line and print sources give Semmendinger an incorrect first name of Augustus rather than August. This is partially due to the fact that his name often appeared in print as A. Semmendinger and Aug. Semmendinger.


The following list summarizes evidence to prove August as the correct first name:

  • Oral family history always referred to him as August
  • The July 6, 1849 Manifest for the ship Columbia on which Semmendinger emigrated to America lists his name as August
  • Original receipts from the camera business still in family possession have his full name printed as August Semmendinger
  • A New York City Tax Document from October 1862 lists his name as August
  • The (barely legible) 1880 U.S. Census report lists his name as August
  • On each of the four U.S. Patents, his full name is listed as August
  • The obituary printed in Anthony's Photographic Bulletin (1886) lists his name as August
  • The Certificate of Examination of Title in Fort Lee regarding his estate states, "Property of the Estate of August Semmendinger, Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Family papers outling his estate list his name as August
  • August Semendinger (1906-1979), of Norwood, and Park Ridge, New Jersey is believed to have been named for the August Semmendinger of this article
  • There exists no primary sources known to this author that lists his name as Augustus